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‘Burger Arena,’ ‘Secret Num8rs’ Light Up Germany, Norway

A first look at 2016 7+ GPC work from Madrid, Milan, Oslo and Germany

We proudly kick off our 2016 7+ GPC series with a few standout ads from our friends around the network. Let’s see what Madrid, Milan, Oslo and Germany brought to the table.


Spanish Lottery’s “Justino,” GPC Rating: 8.2

A tale of a lonely night watchman at a mannequin factory stole the hearts of millions across the globe – in less than two weeks. “Justino,” a part of the Spanish Lottery’s “There’s No Greater Prize Than Sharing” campaign, received an endless amount of praise from consumers, marketers, top-tier press and, of course, the GPC for its remarkable film craft and integrated elements.

What’s the secret behind “Justino” that’s touched the hearts of audiences worldwide? Juan Garcia Escudero, creative lead at Leo Burnett Madrid, said, “Everyone who knows storytelling says that the key is to have a great character.”

Read more and checkout the behind-the-scenes.

Spanish Lottery’s “Aqui,” GPC Rating: 7

Luck can be anywhere. And for this reason, the Spanish Lottery and Leo Burnett Madrid created a summer campaign, “Aqui,” to inform the people that tickets for Spain’s big Christmas lottery were already on sale, here.

Nivea’s “Second Skin Project,” GPC Rating: 7

On Christmas Day, Leo Burnett Madrid proved the power of touch with another heartwarming film: Nivea Crème’s “Second Skin Project.”

The film brings together a mother and son for the holiday season, with a surprise twist. The message conveys that while texting and video-conferencing are wonderful tech tools to stay in touch with loved ones, the human touch trumps all the emojis in the world. Read more.


Samsung’s “Food Pixel Project,” GPC Rating: 7

In 2015, Samsung was an official global partner of Expo 2015 – a universal conference that hosted more than 21 million people.

To tie in with the expo’s “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” theme, Samsung teamed up with Leo Burnett Milan to create the Food Pixel Project – a multisensory experience for attendees. This included the creation of the Food Pixel, a shortcrust pastry that could absorb the flavor of any food from around the world.

The project allowed visitors to “travel” and experience different countries through taste and interact with HD video content and technology. The agency was commended for its innovation and dedication to creating an unforgettable experience for Samsung and its visitors.

Discovery Channel’s “Racing Extinction,” GPC Rating: 7

The agency tapped the talents of famous Italian singer Patty Pravo and the Children’s Choir of Milan for this exclusive video to promote The Discovery Channel’s documentary “Racing Extinction.”

In the film, Pravo and the choir sing a special edition of the famous song “Noah’s Ark/The Two Unicorns.” The lyrics, however, are replaced with mentions of extinct animals.

The film’s powerful message looked to increase awareness of animal extinction as well as generate interest in the premiere of the documentary, which launched in 220 countries around the world.


Kraftwerk’s “The Secret Num8rs,” GPC Rating: 7

Eight mysterious numeric light installations were placed around Oslo, sparking curiosity and intrigue among the Norwegian public.

Passers-by soon learned the secret behind the numbers: Kraftwerk, the legendary electronic act, would be performing its 3D concerts at the Oslo Opera House, showcasing all eight albums the band has released.

Eight shows, eight albums, eight lighted installations: The entire stunt, created by Leo Burnett Norway and Kitchen Oslo, was inspired by Kraftwerk’s famous song “Numbers.”


McDonald’s “Burger Arena,” GPC Rating: 7

To promote the McB, (McDonald’s first 100% organic hamburger) Leo Burnett Germany created “The Burger Arena.”

Munich landmark the Allianz Arena was lit up with colors that resembled the McB, creating a larger-than-life outdoor/ambient experience.

Leo Burnett Germany was lauded for its larger-than-life thinking and execution.

About the GPC Scale: Every quarter, the Leo Burnett Global Product Committee, comprising our top creative leaders from around the globe, gathers to evaluate the work from the global network. Over the course of a week, the GPC views, discusses and rates the work using our 10-point HumanKind Scale. Work that receives a 7-point rating is considered to be the benchmark for excellence in craft. To learn more about the GPC and the HumanKind Scale, watch this video.