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UPDATE: Official 2014 Cannes Predictions Results

See the 25 campaigns most likely to win a Lion next week.

UPDATE: The results are in! Prior to Cannes, Leo Burnett selected 25 campaigns predicted to win Lions. It was an extremely successful year, with our 25 picks winning 11 Grand Prix, 59 Gold Lions, 53 Silver Lions, 40 Bronze Lions, 1 Titanium Lion and 1 Product Design Lion.


For the past week, we've been pinning our way through Cannes Predictions on Pinterest, looking at a broad list of Lion contenders from all corners of the globe.

Today we're delighted to reveal the 2014 Cannes Predictions Reel official selections: 25 campaigns from eleven countries we think are likely to earn metal next week in the South of France.

The work on this year's reel blurs traditional boundaries, challenges convention and hints that we might be living in an era where the definition of brand communications remains in perpetual evolution.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the South of France this year:

An ‘Epic' take on a classic ad format.

In our rush to the future, it’s important not to forget the potency of the past. At the core of one of this year’s most buzzed-about contenders is a simple, time-tested format: the product demo.

Swedish shop Forsman & Bodenfors took a classic approach, and combined the “Muscles from Brussels” with a spellbinding new age ballad to create a viral sensation. “Epic Split” (#25, below) is the lynchpin of Volvo Trucks’ “Live Test Series,” a set of short demos poised to strike gold. The campaign has the momentum of numerous wins this spring, including a recent Black Pencil at D&AD.

Technology with purpose.

Branded Technology will make its debut in the Cyber Lion category this year, a move that comes as more marketers are using the power of creativity coupled with technology to solve problems, extend existing campaigns and, most importantly, deliver brand purpose.

Keep an eye on technologies that offer utility like Nike’s “NikeSB App” (#21), which was conceived to help skateboarders record and document their progress.

After its introduction last year, expect to see even more buzz around the Cannes Innovation Lion. Among the strongest contenders is Samsung’s “Maestro’s Academy — Smart Bike” (#19) from Leo Burnett Milan, a next-generation bicycle developed in concert with Samsung technology to make cycling safer. The campaign represents just one of the many ways brands are using technology to improve people’s lives… and in this case, save them.

Visceral moments of connection.

We’re seeing more brands building emotional relationships with people by creating experiential moments of feeling.

Fresh from winning seven Pencils at D&AD, look out for Honda’s “Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989,” (#20) which used groundbreaking technology to immerse F1 fans in a stunning aural re-creation of the racer’s legendary lap.

Mimi Foundation’s poignant “If Only For A Second” (#8) captured beautifully a rare moment of “carefreeness” in the lives of cancer patients, and turned it into a highly engaging, sharable film.

And the “D Rose Jump Store” for Adidas (#24) literally took the pop-up shop to new heights, as amateur hoopsters were given the opportunity to experience the feeling of leaping like NBA superstar Derrick Rose.

Across all channels, the cream of this year’s crop strikes a visceral chord with its audience.

Long-form and documentary style content.

It might seem counterintuitive in a world where bite-size media and brevity reign supreme, but more brands are embracing the craft of long-form and documentary style content.

Major advertisers like Guinness are pioneering this category with work like “Sapeurs” (#1), a fascinating glimpse into a unique subculture of well-dressed men that’s from AMV BBDO London.

Last year, San Francisco agency Pereira & O’Dell bagged three Grand Prix for the “The Beauty Inside,” a six-episode effort for Toshiba and Intel that was among the longest ever entered to Cannes. This year, look out for their “Born Friends Family Project” (#3) for Skype, which tells the compelling true stories behind real people using Skype to stay connected.

Of course, as film lengths get longer, directorial skills become ever more essential. To that end, “Blazed” (#5) is a masterpiece. The NZ Transport Agency tapped Oscar-nominated Moari director Taika Waititi to helm this unusual anti-drug driving message. Waititi extracted remarkable performances from a remarkable cast, and the result is a highly engaging film that passes the true test of any film, long or short: rewatchability.