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Leo Burnett at Cannes: Reflections from Leo Burnett Worldwide Jurors

Leo Burnett Cannes Lions jurors share what stood out most to them after spending a week immersed in the year’s most creative ideas.

The 66th annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity demonstrated the power of creativity to move people to act—a trend Leo Burnett Worldwide jurors recognized across categories, agencies, clients and campaigns.

After a week immersed in the industry’s most creative ideas, judging some of this year’s most provocative work, we asked our jurors:

What was your greatest takeaway from your category?

Their answers here:

Chris Clark – Entertainment Lions for Music Jury
Director of Music, Leo Burnett Chicago

Music is more pivotal than ever in provoking sociocultural changes. Our wonderful Music Jury unanimously awarded Grand Prixs to both “This Is America”/Childish Gambino AND “Bluesman”/Baco Exu de Blues for the intensely powerful provocations they made on the issue of institutionalized racism in America, Brazil and throughout the world.

Music has always been the renegade art form pushing creative communications to the limit and it’s more alive, well and up to the task in 2019 than ever before.

Mauricio Sarmiento – Direct Lions Jury
Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Colombia

I think the great teaching of Direct this year is to understand the category. The jury was dedicated to really looking for the ideas that generated a call to action and not giving awards simply for being good ideas.

Lisa Greenberg – Design Lions Jury
Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Toronto

Creative with human insight still always rises. It’s refreshing to know that equality, diversity, inclusion and our planet are now a mandatory.

Ariyawat Juntaratip – Brand Experience & Activation Lions Jury
Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Thailand

We managed to see many great, brave and thought-provoking ideas. Especially work that goes far beyond just a great experience with the brand, but a relationship between people and the brand that could impact lives.

That thinking was fully reflected in Microsoft Xbox “Changing the Game,” a campaign for the brand’s courageous creation of an adaptive controller for those who have a disability. They picked up a well-deserved Grand Prix.

This was also beautifully reflected in “Perussian Prices,” for Plaza VEA, “Thisables,” for IKEA and also “Legal-Ade” for Kraft Heinz, which is my personal favorite—defending kids’ right to legalize lemonade stands.

Saurabh Varma – Creative Effectiveness Lions Jury
CEO, Publicis Communications, South Asia

In award submissions, there is a need to clarify what a campaign is trying to achieve and the results have to be compelling—moving from the softer metrics to the harder metrics. And recognizing that other factors might be leading to a brand’s success.

The jury is like Sherlock Holmes and every entry is guilty until proven innocent.

Erick Rosa – Industry Craft Lions Jury
Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Groupe Japan

I loved judging craft. From a wine label to a basketball court built inside a church, craft only confirmed what I expected: craft is really what makes the work (any work) stand out. And I believe that the best ideas in our category were clearly the ones where craft was used toward a greater purpose.

From the Grand Prix winner—where Nike converted a church into a sports haven for kids – to the Black Box—a beautifully crafted book that helps bring Afro-descendants’ legacy to the spotlight—when craft was used for a greater purpose, it really resonated with the jury and I hope with everyone who now can see these awarded ideas.

Mischa Schreuder – Direct Lions Jury
Creative Director, Publicis Groupe and Leo Burnett Amsterdam

The best work in the Direct category was work that told a story in the most interesting way. Reaching the consumer is the most important takeaway. Everybody—from brands to content platforms—is fighting for those couple of seconds of interaction.

The cases that stood out to me most were ones that displayed understanding that the consumer does not like advertising for advertising’s sake. The work that shined was advertising that consumers want to see, and even want to share.

An example was Burger King “Whopper Detour.” Consumers loved downloading the app and getting a whopper for 1 cent. It’s a humorous campaign that puts a smile on your face.

And “Legal-Ade” from Country Time Lemonade—the brand is helping little kids sell lemonade again, without getting a ticket from the police, supplying kids with legal assistance, if needed.

Finally, the Wendy’s Fortnite campaign demonstrated the importance of being where your target group is and doing something that people want to see.

The best examples are the ones that don’t feel forced.