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Leo Burnett Chicago
35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Maggie Shepherd

VP Reputation and Communications

Emily Doskow

Chief Marketing Officer

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Leo Burnett Picks Up Two Best in Show Awards at the 21st Annual FAB Awards

Leo Burnett Worldwide garnered 20 total award wins across seven of its global offices.

Leo Burnett’s global network celebrated an impressive showing at the 2019 FAB Awards, an international celebration of outstanding creative work for food and beverage brands and outlets.

Leo Burnett won two FABulous (equivalent to a Best in Show or Grand Prix award), 10 FAB (equivalent to a Gold award) and 8 Silver Awards, representing its offices in Chicago, Tokyo, London, Madrid, Mexico and Toronto. Award winners were chosen from submissions spanning more than 60 countries, including agency networks, clients, design consultancies and challenger agencies.

Leo Burnett Chicago
Country Time “Legal-ade”: FABulous and 2 FAB Awards
Chicago’s ‘Legal-ade’ campaign took home 1 FABulous and 2 FABs for helping promote change in kids summertime lemonade sales. By providing real-life lawyers to aid children and their families, and paying lemonade stand permit laws, summer could feel like summer again.

Kraft “Kraft Now Pay Later”: FABulous and 1 FAB Award
Chicago also won a FABulous and one FAB for ‘Kraft Now Pay Later,’ a creative movement extending a helping hand to families in need. During the U.S. government shutdown, Kraft opened a pop-up store where government employees could show their IDs in exchange for free Kraft grocery products—keeping dinner business as usual.

Leo Burnett Dubai
Al Ain Water “Pee Palette”: 1 Silver
Leo Burnett Dubai and Al Ain Water’s campaign answers the question “Why don’t people drink enough water?” Their Pee Palette, a palette ranging from a very light to a very dark yellow, tells the level of dehydration in the most convenient place—right in public bathrooms. Every tinkle was a reminder to drink enough water.

McCafé “Simple”: 1 Silver
Leo Burnett Dubai made coffee orders simple in their McCafé campaign. With gourmet-ism on the rise, it’s hard to find quick coffee on the go, but the McCafé app and quick interactive in-store menus put simplicity right at users’ fingertips. So, how do you like your coffee?

Leo Burnett London
McDonald’s “Big Mac 50th Anniversary”: 1 FAB Award
Leo Burnett London won a FAB in the Integrated Campaigns category. Celebrating the historical and cultural value of a Big Mac, the campaign reminds Big Mac lovers of the joy of their first experience and encourages people who have never had one to try the limited-edition Mac Jr. and Grand Mac burger.

McDonald’s “McNuggets – Chart”: 1 Silver
How much time do you spend thinking about McNuggets? How much time do you spend eating McNuggets? Leo Burnett London created a humorous campaign to chart both activities, showing you how much time you spend savoring the favorite food item.

McDonald’s “Swimmer”: 1 Silver
Get your money’s worth. Leo Burnett London McDonald’s campaign shows a mom at her daughters swim meet, cheering her on from the sidelines. It’s not difficult to point her out because out her peculiar swim cap design, proving that mom gets her money worth every time with every purchase –including a McDonald’s bacon double cheese burger.

Leo Burnett Madrid
Ruavieja “The Time We Have Left”: 1 FAB and 3 Silvers
It’s important to spend time with loved ones—a truth that Leo Burnett Madrid wanted to convey in its Ruavieja campaign during the holiday season. This campaign shakes up viewers’ daily lives by revealing the limited time people have left to spend with their loved ones, sending a clear message that we need to see more each other.

Leo Burnett Mexico
Kellogg “Uniforms Against Malnutrition”: 3 FAB Awards
Leo Burnett Mexico’s social movement campaign helps solve malnutrition through transformative school uniforms that display malnutrition alerts in real time. The sleeves on the uniforms fit to the children’s arms indicating their nutritional status and comes with instructions, making it possible for teachers to step in and help out.

Leo Burnett Toyko
McDonald’s “Hahon Hohaho Hie”: 1 FAB Award
Leo Burnett Tokyo won a FAB in the Sales Promotion category for their McDonald’s campaign “Hahon Hohaho Hie.” The humorously named Hahon Hohaho Hie, formerly known as the bacon potato pie, made it’s comeback for a limited time in Japan, creating a sense of nostalgia and hype with novelty swag.

Leo Burnett Toronto
Chop Chop “Chop Chop”: 1 FAB Award
Leo Burnett Toronto’s campaign for Chop Chop, highlighted the brand’s identity by emphasizing the restaurant’s efficiency. Creating a new, streamlined look for the Chinese restaurant and menus helps people focus on the tasty food and service.

Grinning Face “Coconut Milk”: 1 Silver
Leo Burnett Toronto and Grinning Face created a campaign to bring awareness to the two simple ingredients: coconut and water. And to get the best taste, coconut water should be shaken up before drinking—so the new package design features large jumbled letters to educate and encourage the drinker to shake up the coconut milk.

Congratulations to Leo Burnett’s global network on the success of these innovative and creative campaigns.

Total awards received:
• 2 FABulous Awards
• 10 FAB Awards
• 8 Silver Awards

Winning categories include:
• Ambient Media
• Brand Identity
• Branded Content & Entertainment
• Branded Utility
• Direct Marketing
• Guerilla Marketing
• Integrated Campaigns
• Mobile Marketing
• Online Advertising
• Packaging Design
• Poster/OOH
• Sales Promotion
• Social Media/Social Business
• TV & Cinema Advertising
• Viral Marketing