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Leo Burnett Chicago
35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Maggie Shepherd

VP Reputation and Communications

Emily Doskow

Chief Marketing Officer

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8+ Roundup: GPC Chicago 2019

Five campaigns took home 8 balls and one earned a 9 as creative leaders from across Leo Burnett Worldwide reviewed our most inspired and inspiring campaigns. 

Leo Burnett Chicago hosted 11 creative leaders from across the global network for the Global Product Committee (GPC). The panel of judges spent five days discussing, debating and scoring more than 200 pieces of recent work using the 10-point HumanKind Scale, a measure of creativity unique to Leo Burnett.

On the scale, a 7+ represents “an inspiring idea, beautifully crafted.” Of the 206 entries, 20 received a score of 7+. Congratulations to the 13 offices awarded: Bangkok, Chicago, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Taipei, Tel Aviv, Toronto and Vietnam.

An 8 on the scale is the gold standard, signifying work that “changes the way people think and feel.” Five pieces of work received an 8 ball including campaigns from our global offices in Mumbai, Bangkok, Melbourne and Sydney.

A 9 on the HumanKind scale is extraordinarily rare. It means the work “changes the way people live” and in GPC history, only four 9s have ever been awarded. Now, that official count is five: Leo Burnett Israel’s impactful “Eva Stories” received the 9 for a beautifully crafted, socially driven campaign for Holocaust Remembrance Day. Congratulations to our colleagues in Israel for the incredible achievement.

Here’s a roundup of work that earned an 8+ at GPC Chicago:

Leo Burnett Israel
K’s Galleries “Eva Stories”

8 Ball: Changes the way people think and feel
Leo Burnett Bangkok

Thai Health Promotion Foundation “Bok Choy”

Leo Burnett Melbourne


Leo Burnett Mumbai

HDFC Bank “#StopMithani”

P&G Shiksha “Bittu, The 75-Year-Old Student”

Leo Burnett Sydney

Samsung “Silent Whistle”