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Leo Burnett Chicago
35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Maggie Shepherd

VP Reputation and Communications

Emily Doskow

Chief Marketing Officer

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Taipei, Taiwan

The Creative Essentials of Executive Creative Director Jin Yang

Taiwan’s Executive Creative Director Jin Yang shares what keeps her at ease in the latest edition of Creative Essentials.

According to a Chinese proverb, “tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” While this may not be extoling the virtues of Chinese Chess, for ECD Jin Yang, it’s this board game, along with her other essentials, that keep her focused and calm.

By drawing on childhood hobbies while celebrating expressive creativity through karaoke and street dance, Jin maintains her tranquility.

While at the Taiwan office, Jin has created distinguished work such as Heineken’s “Friend-Making Mug," McDonalds “Still My Little Girl” and China Airlines’ “The Trip You Have Promised” campaigns alongside her colleague Nana Tsai.

Take a look at what creative essentials keep her sane, motivated and energized to produce award-winning solutions at work.

Piano / Karaoke
“I’ve always hated my piano lessons as a child, but they surprisingly started growing on me as I matured. Playing the piano and singing a song–or two–during karaoke stimulates the way I think. The two makes me feel relaxed, I get in the zone.”

Street Dance
“I fell in love with street dance—now more than ever during these current times. It’s an excellent way to keep both my body in shape, and spirit young-at-heart.”

Chinese Chess
“Playing board games—especially Chinese Chess—with my son has been our Sunday routine, and it became challenging as he grew up. He’s a tough one to beat. I’ve been losing to him ever since he was in third grade. I’ll never give up though, I’ll win one day.”

History Books
“Reading about history and future trends is intriguing to me. Knowing what had happened in the past helps me better understand where I am, and opens up my imagination toward the future.”

Pencil / Notebook
“I enjoy the old-fashioned way of taking notes. The feeling of how the pencil tip touches the paper is rather comforting. I have quite a collection of different pencils and notebooks, and I also keep all my used notes since they hold all my thoughts and rough ideas from years ago. Never know when I’ll need them.”

Head Massager
“The scalp massager accompany me through some stressful nights—some filled with insomnia. I use them to massage my acupuncture points for stress relief and deep relaxation.”