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Leo Burnett Chicago
35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Maggie Shepherd

VP Reputation and Communications

Emily Doskow

Chief Marketing Officer

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Day in the Life, GPC Edition: Rajdeepak Das

Leo Burnett South Asia’s CCO shares his day at the Global Product Committee in India

On this global GPC edition of Day in the Life, we spend a day with Rajdeepak Das, Leo Burnett South Asia chief creative officer, during Leo Burnett’s Global Product Committee in India. The Global Product Committee, or GPC, is an international gathering of creative directors, managing directors, planners and account directors. Led by Global Chief Creative Officer Mark Tutssel, the committee discusses, judges and debates more than 600 pieces of creative work submitted from across the global network and puts them to the test of the HumanKind scale.

Follow along today on social as we share a look at the not-so-average day of this mentor, creative leader, child-at-heart and all-around ball of energy. Want to know Raj a bit better? Check out his Q&A below.

Describe your role in one sentence.
I’m an intern, really. #LearningThings

What does the GPC mean to you?
The GPC is important to me in so many different ways. Apart from the obvious bit about witnessing brilliant creativity, I end up meeting my brothers and sisters from around the world who have the same dreams and ambitions, and who do infinitely better work than me. It inspires me to just keep doing better and better.

Which work from India were you most proud of presenting at the GPC?
The Roads That Honk” campaign for HP Lubricants. The work that got India its first Innovation Lion. It is technology innovated by the agency, for a client, to save lives. What’s not to be proud?

Why is the GPC important for the network?
It’s one of the few times people see the best pieces of work from around the network go through constructive creative criticism, and find out how to make each idea better. It is the North Star for Humankind.

How does the GPC connect you with colleagues from other global offices?
When you see different agencies and colleagues from different parts of the world, the one thing that you have in common with them is the Humankind scale. That is the only filter you have and the common language you speak. That way you know you may be different but you’re ultimately the same. I have only had this experience at Leo Burnett.

How do you bring what you experience and learn here to your team?
You feel so charged up and energized that you can run your agency easily for the next couple of years!

What is your management style?
I don’t manage people. As creative people, the team needs to be inspired. We are all on the same side. I just need to keep the fire in their bellies lit at all times.

What’s in your workspace?
Legos! Lots and lots of Legos! Some not-suitable-for-children toys, a vinyl player, Steve Jobs figurines, an iMac G4 Lampshade, a Tree of Light Lamp, the first award I’ve ever won, a couple of superhero figurines, and my wife and daughter’s photos. Yes, it’s a big desk.

Advice for aspiring creatives?
Just keep asking yourself “If not now, then when? If not me, then who?” every single day of your life. You’ll be fine.