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Mexico Tourism Board and Lapiz Made It Rain Tequila

The “Tequila Cloud” tempts rain-soaked Germans to visit sunny Mexico in the dead of winter

Winters in Germany can be dreadful; it is cold, cloudy and rainy. The Mexico Tourism Board and Lapiz sought to tempt rain-soaked Germans to visit sunny Mexico by combining the Mexican thing that Germans loved most, tequila (Germany is the world’s No. 2 tequila importer), with the weather they hated most, rain (it rains more in Germany than in the United Kingdom). The result? The “Tequila Cloud.”

Mexico - Tequila Cloud - 3

The “Tequila Cloud” is an actual cloud that rains tequila. It made its debut in January, during Berlin’s rainiest month of the year at Urban Spree, a contemporary art space in the city. Visitors to the exhibit filled their glasses under the cloud with tequila, enjoying a taste that is synonymous with a vacation on the beaches of Mexico.

Mexico - Tequila Cloud - 2

Lapiz created the “Tequila Cloud” by using ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila at the right high frequency to turn it into visible mist. Next, the mist was condensed into liquid form that dripped as raindrops. The team then used a computer to control the cloud, programming it to rain whenever Berlin residents experienced an actual rain shower, which proved to be pretty frequent at the time of the exhibit.

In this Huffington Post article, Lapiz’s executive creative director, Luciana Cani, elaborates further on how the cloud is made.

After the exhibit in Berlin, the “Tequila Cloud” will be traveling around the world, so check the weather: The “Tequila Cloud” may be coming to a city near you.